The Unsolvable 1926 Suicide Note – Crossword Edition

by K-Berens
a hand writing on a crossword puzzle

The clues remain unsolved from this man’s crossword puzzle suicide note since 1926.

The 1920s saw the boom of the crossword puzzle craze that enveloped the world in obsession. Clothing resembling the black and white patterns of the puzzles became wildly popular, and railroads in the United States provided dictionaries on their trains for commuters. Although crosswords are mostly known for their ability to improve mental capabilities, they are also the reason for some bizarre behavior that happened at the height of their popularity. Couples have sued for divorce over the hobby, but the most puzzling of all was the suicide of a 25 year old man of Budapest in 1926.

Antal Gyula was a waiter at a well-known café in the city when he was found in the washroom with gunshot wounds through his chest and head. In his pocket, the Hungarian police found a suicide note, citing stresses from his recent eviction from his apartment, bouts of unemployment and general misery being the main reasons for his death.

At the end of this suicide note was a handwritten crossword puzzle. Gyula’s puzzle, as he wrote, gave the exact reasons for his suicide, and “the names of the people interested.” The police, using daily newspapers, called upon the public to help in the process of solving this puzzle.

Almost ninety years later, this crossword puzzle is still unsolved. Records show that Hungarian police tirelessly worked on solving the mystery for a month, before eventually giving up. One theorist proposed that the police abandoned the case because suicides were a regular occurrence at this time, and the police eventually determined the crossword puzzle was a cry for notoriety.

Although the puzzle is not available online, there are some historians who are in the process of combing through the police archives and journals for any updates on this puzzling case.

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