Hearses are Constantly Changing Through the Ages

by M-Gillies
horses pulling a hearse carriage

Hearses are some of the most interesting vehicles around because of their custom designs and handcrafted details.

Transporting a casket to and from a funeral can be done in more ways than just the traditional hearse. Over the years, funeral transportation has evolved and expanded to a variety of vehicles, each one used as a means of personalizing the funeral to reflect upon the person being commemorated. Below is a list of some alternative means of funeral transportation:

The Horse and Carriage – During the 1800s, when the funeral industry was just blossoming, transportation was relegated to the standard horse and carriage. Since then, the carriage evolved into the modern day hearse, but for those who have a passion for the artistic beauty and regal designs of the horse drawn carriage many funeral homes can still provide this service for your sendoff.

Volkswagen Funeral Hearse – The Volkswagen bus saw impressive popularity during the counterculture movement of the 1960s, earning it the name ‘The Hippie-Van’. Since then, the VW-Bus has become a sought after commodity amongst collectors and enthusiasts. But for those Boomers who grew up during the counterculture, or even vehicle enthusiasts and collectors, the VW-Bus Hearse has proven to be quite a popular hearse for one’s funeral sendoff.

Motorcycle Hearse – Throughout the last decade, personalized funerals have been growing in popularity, and with that popularity funeral hearses have been evolving to fit the lifestyles of just about everyone. With this evolution, motorcycle hearses have become more popular amongst motorcycle enthusiasts. For this type of hearse, the motorcycle is equipped with a special sidecar built to carry a casket or an urn at the side of the rider, or there are three-wheeled models that carry the casket behind the rider.

4×4 Funeral Hearse – For the outdoorsman or off-roader, the 4×4 Funeral Hearse has been a popular choice amongst many people in the UK. In fact there are quite a few companies offering this particular mode of transport, which includes a 4×4 fleet to transport the dearly departed to their final resting place.

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