Cremations for Pet Companions

by M-Gillies
man walking on beach at sunset with two dogs

Pets are companions and to many people are no less important than the humans in your life especially when it comes to choosing how to celebrate their memories.

For many pet owners, the loss of a pet is the equivalent to the loss of human companion. When it comes to owning pets a degree of trust, emotional comfort and attachment grows in the same way humans develop relationships with each other. For those pet owners, an animal companion is seen similarly as a member of the family. Because of this, pet memorials have been steadily on the rise.

These pet memorials and commemorations can extend to having obituaries written, headstones, caskets and cemetery plots picked out, and can even be followed by a funeral sendoff ceremony. And while pet memorials are growing more popular throughout the years, so to are the options available for pet memorials, such as cremation.

With pet cremation, this type of sendoff can be performed individually or with a group present and follows the same procedure as a regular cremation service. However, perhaps the primary reason many pet owners are currently opting for cremation services is based on the environmentally friendly, cost-effectiveness a cremation offers.

While cremation gives individuals a more cost efficient option, it also comes with a few additional perks, which include the ability to carry cremated ashes of your beloved companion with you, wherever you may go. This can include simple to decorative urns, or more elaborate and sentimental options such as beads, jewelry and engraved plaques or personalized keepsakes.

But these options are not just limited to the cremated remains. Some companies even offer personalized decorations using locks of fur as well.

If the unfortunate does occur, most veterinary offices have a professional relationship with one or more pet crematories, and can even help you make your arrangements. Whether it is a private or individual cremation, by electing this type of funeral sendoff you will be able to have your pet’s ashes returned to you so you can honor the memory of your companion in whichever way you choose.

For those pet owners who are interested in pet cremations, the average cost is based upon weight and usually ranges from $50 to $150, and again, depending on the size of the animal can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.

It is important to note as well that crematories will not cremate pets with any plastic toys, blankets or any other belongings due to safety regulations. To learn more about options available for pet memorial sendoffs be sure to check out’s pet sendoffs.

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