Personalizing Funeral Stationery

by M-Gillies
a funeral service sheet with red rose

Funeral stationery can provide a lasting remembrance of a loved one.

It’s no secret that funeral arrangements are a lot of work. They require planning, organizing, filling out paperwork, contacting family members and friends, and making last minute arrangements to be carried out within three days. But one of the most important aspects of a funeral service is the funeral stationery. These service sheets are easy to create and include pictures, poems or personal phrases and can come in a wide variety of print outs which include:

Service Sheets – Service sheets have always been seen as an important part of the funeral sendoff service. These sheets of cards often display a photo, the name of the person and a bit of biographical information. These service sheets can act as a means of healing by depicting the loved one as they were remembered.

Mourning Cards – Similar to wedding RSVPs, a mourning card is a card used to inform friends and families of a loss, and further provide funeral details to allow those receiving them an opportunity to make arrangements to attend the funeral.

Attendance Cards – Much like a mourning card, an attendance card gives a family a record of all those attending the service.

Acknowledgement/Thank-you Cards – Because funerals are an emotional affair, it is often hard to express gratitude and appreciation to those who have come to offer their support. Once the funeral sendoff has ended, acknowledgement and thank-you cards are a considerate way of expressing a family’s gratitude t0 those who attended the funeral sendoff.

Memorial Cards – Similar to a service sheet, a memorial card will bear a poem or scripture along with the deceased’s name and related information.

Condolence Books – A condolence book is a book, which is placed in a public place for members of the general public to express and record their condolences after a death or a great tragedy. These are often used for notable deaths. However, they have evolved to include digital condolence books, which are accessed through the Internet so people from all over may write their thoughts online.

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