Life Beyond The Groove

by M-Gillies
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Vinyl’s making a comeback in the afterlife too.

For any audiophile, music is the soundtrack of life – for And Vinyly, a UK-based company, the question was posed, “When the album that is life finally reaches the end, wouldn’t it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity?”

With the newest focus in memorial keepsakes steering toward personalization, companies across the world are now toiling with alternatives in body disposal methods, which include using cremains in painting palettes or as And Vinyly has been doing, pressing the cremains into playable LP records.

Founded by Jason Leach, the company gives people the chance to have their cremains pressed into vinyl records so that friends and families may be able to play recorded messages or favourite songs as a tribute to the dearly departed.

While the idea is a novel approach, Leach contributes a number of factors to the conception of pressing cremains to create playable vinyl records. Particularly, it was upon seeing the cremains of a person being used in fireworks on TV that triggered the idea to Leach, that perhaps there is something else that can be done rather than being placed in a pot and stored on a shelf.

With the formation of And Vinyly, audiophiles are now able to have their ashes sprinkled onto a raw piece of vinyl before it is pressed. To further personalize the vinyl record, the company offers RIV (Rest In Vinyl) artwork, in which artist James Hague will paint a tribute portrait of the deceased using their ashes mixed in the paint.

The music that can be chosen for the record ranges from 24 minutes of selected songs, vocal recordings, or silence. However, if a person so wishes, tailored music written and produced specifically for the person by bands of The House of Fix can be applied as an extra feature.

With a basic package costing roughly $4500 USD, family and friends are given up to 30 discs, each with the standard RIV artwork, which includes name, date of birth, date of death and a label.

While not limited to just people, And Vinyly also offers to press the cremains of pets as well to celebrate the legacy and memory of those most cherished.

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