The Johnny Cash Project

by MSO
A frame from The Johnny Cash Project.

The Johnny Cash Project is an amazing, ongoing global art collective. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have contributed to making the music video by drawing frames for the project. Visit to add your artwork to the video.

With the recent release of a new album “Out Among the Stars” containing 12 previously unreleased songs by Johnny Cash, interest in the country, rock, and gospel singer/songwriter who died in 2003 has been renewed again. The album debuted at No 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart at the end of March 2014 and is the highest-debuting posthumous release since Jimi Hendrix’s “People, Hell and Angels”.

For old and new fans alike, Johnny Cash’s talent continues to transcend from beyond the grave.

Johnny Cash’s final studio recording, aptly called “Ain’t No Grave”,  was also released after his death on the occasion of what would have been his 78th birthday. With this release came an unusual undertaking conceived by Chris Milk who has garnered world wide fame as a music video director for the likes of U2, Kanye West, Green Day, Arcade Fire and more. With the support of Johnny Cash’s family and numerous others he conceived The Johnny Cash Project which is an ongoing global collective art project that gives fans of Johnny Cash the ability to participate in creating a video for the title track “Ain’t No Grave”.

People are invited to choose a single image from a selection of hundreds of frames online. Once you choose which image you will personalize you choose from the easy to use computerized drawing tools to illustrate your unique drawing of Johnny Cash. Artists and non-artists alike from countries around the world have so far contributed hundreds of thousands of drawings that make up this video. Each drawing can be explored individually and the names and locations of each contributor are listed with each image.

The first version of the music video was released in 2010 and 250,000 people from 172 countries had participated in the project by that time and since then tens of thousands of drawings have been added. You can watch the ongoing music video online at It changes every day as more and more fans of Johnny Cash add their own drawings to the video.

Watch and contribute to The Johnny Cash Project

Below is Chris Milk’s documentary which explains the project and includes the music video as of 2010.

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