Can I Have a Viewing Before Cremation?

by MSO


You can have a viewing at a funeral home before being cremated

If you choose to be cremated you can have a viewing or visitation in a funeral home to give family and friends the chance to gather and say goodbye.

A viewing before cremation is for those people who do not wish to be buried but would still like to give family and friends the chance to gather to say their final goodbyes.

You can choose to hold a private viewing, which would only be open to immediate family members or a public viewing where all family and friends are welcome in your choice of funeral home.

For those who do not wish to purchase a cremation casket for the viewing, most funeral homes offer a rental casket for a lower cost. Holding a viewing, whether you decide on cremation or burial, will include the preparation of the body, the state room at the funeral home, register book and, depending on how long you wish the viewing to be, embalming and cosmetology if necessary.

Your funeral director can help you arrange a funeral service which you think would be best for you and your family.

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