Charity Can Continue at the Funeral Home

by MSO
In memoriam donations are becoming more popular at funerals.

Today, asking family and friends to donate to a charity of your choice in your memory has become more popular than sending flowers. You can donate in person or online at most funeral homes.

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.”  Dr. Loretta Scott

Many people today are choosing to request donations to a charity instead of sending flowers to a funeral. If you have a charity that is close to your heart or admire a cause that suits your life’s priorities you may want to request that any memorial donations given at your service are donated to your favorite charity.

A charity may be chosen due to its connection with the death of the deceased, for example, someone who passes away as a result of cancer may request donations be given to a cancer related organization in their honor. This also ensures that one day, as a result of those donations, a cure will be found and people will not have to suffer as you did. Others may choose to ask people to donate to a bursary or scholarship at an educational institution in your name, to a trust fund for surviving young children or even to an organization that contributes to the well being of pets.

Often, a charitable organization will be mentioned in the death notice or obituary so if family and friends feel inclined to make a memorial donation they know they will be giving it to a cause that was important to the deceased. Most funeral homes will accept donations on behalf of the charity of your choice both at the funeral home and online if you aren’t able to make them in person. There are however, some funeral homes that do not offer the service.

As well, if visitors do not want to support the charity requested, funeral homes will see that the donation goes to an organization of your preference.

Most funeral homes accept donations in cash but you should check first if you are planning to donate with a check or credit card. Ensure that you make checks out to the charity and not the funeral home. Charitable receipts will be issued by the organization and not the funeral home.

If you did not learn about a person’s death until after the funeral has taken place, most funeral homes will continue to accept memorial donations after the funeral.

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