St. George the Dragon Slayer

by MSO
St. George the Dragon Slayer's tomb

As the patron saint of England and protector of the royal family. His sarcophagus lies in the Church of St. George in Lod, Israel.

St. George is the patron saint of England. While little is known for certain about his life, there are many legends about his life.

The most popular of which, is his slaying of a dragon. Some say the dragon was going to devour the king’s daughter, others say that she was going to be offered as a sacrifice to stop the dragon’s reign of terror. In either event, St. George came and defeated the creature in God’s name and rescued the king’s daughter.

St. George was born in the city of Lydda which is also where the dragon slaying is said to have taken place.

His tomb rests underneath the Church of St. George, with many relics from his adventures. Included in the relics is a set of chains used to bind St. George and drag him through the streets as punishment for speaking against the emperor who delivered harsh judgements against the Christians. St. George was beheaded and became one of the earliest martyrs of the church. Saint George was canonized in 494 AD by Pope Gelasius.

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