About mysendoff.com

Here at mysendoff.com, our name describes us perfectly.

Mysendoff.com is a social media integrated website that will help you create and document your own final wishes for your own personalized sendoff. Since nobody is going to get out of this life alive, anyone and everyone can use mysendoff.com- and it won’t cost you anything except for a few minutes of your time.

Mysendoff.com is the Internet’s main resource site and content aggregator of any funeral and death-related information from the various cultures, religions and countries around the world. We also provide examples of celebrity passings, legal issues, pre-planning recommendations that outline your options and examples of sensational sendoffs so you can choose your own way out.

Our goal is an ambitious one, but can be achieved if everyone realizes that they should have their sendoff wishes documented and sent to family and friends to remove the burden of decision-making during their time of grief and mourning.

Mysendoff.com is simple to use and once you have used our free “Create My Sendoff” planning resource, we will sendoff your detailled instructions to at least six of your chosen family members and friends called Cyber Pallbearers, trusted people who will carry out your final instructions and ensure your wishes are honored.

So take a look around and let us know what you think. Send us a story or your idea of your own personalized sendoff that we will share with other mysendoff.com members, because at mysendoff.com we hope that you stick around a long, long time.

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