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No one knows for sure, but best estimates suggest that there are over one million cemeteries in North America, and each one is filled with hundreds of stories of the lives lived beneath the headstones and monuments.

Many cultures around the world recognize and celebrate the lives of previous generations with annual celebrations but, in the United States and Canada people tend to overlook the lives of those who have passed.

Mysendoff.com, the Internet's premiere funeral planning web site is changing the way we look at those who came before us and are now resting in the cemeteries across North America. On Sunday October 28, 2012 celebrate the 2nd annual "Visit a Cemetery Day", by honoring the friends and relatives who have lived life before us.

Mysendoff.com encourages you to take a walk through a local cemetery and visit the final resting place of a family member, departed friend or simply appreciate the history of generations in your community who came before you. Because, when you really think about it, cemeteries are a fascinating and unique snapshot of each community's genealogy timeline.

Look at the names, look at the date of birth, look at the date of death, and think for a moment about the life that was lived between these two dates. That space between the dates represented their life and their legacy. One day you will have your own space whether on a cemetery headstone or obituary listing that will represent your own life and legacy. What will you want yours to represent?

This weekend may be one of your last opportunities before the winter sets in to grab a coffee, enjoy the autumn colors and take a walk though the cemetery time capsule of your area while taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge those resting beneath the fallen leaves.

Bring a friend or family member and bring your camera so you can share pictures of the most unique cemetery headstones located in your area with mysendoff.com. But make sure you also bring a mind open to planning your own legacy outlining how you want to be remembered.

One day, your family and friends will be taking that same walk through the cemetery, thinking about your life lived. This "Visit a Cemetery Day" is a great time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate your own life.

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