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  • MSO wrote a new blog post: How to Write a Health Care Proxy   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Make sure you name someone who knows you and who you trust as your health care proxy. A health care proxy is a document that will allow a trusted person to make decisions on your behalf when you lose the ability to make your own decisions. You are encouraged to choose a close family member [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Release of a White Dove   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Releasing a white dove at a funeral is symbolic for many reasons. A white dove is a sign of inspiration, freedom and peace – releasing the dove at a funeral can symbolize “letting go” and begins the healing process. A dove can also be considered a representation of the loved one’s spirit, flying away to [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Ancient Funeral Games   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Games were part of ancient funeral customs in Greece and Rome. The games were held to honor deceased members of prominent families at the time. Achilles, for example, was given the task to organize and oversee a length of competitive games to properly honor Patroclus, his friend, at his funeral. The games included a chariot [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Sky Burials – Not as Ethereal as they Sound   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail It’s great to feed the birds on a beautiful summer day, but could you imagine ┬ábeing bird feed yourself? Yes, that’s right, you become bird feed in the Tibetan tradition of sky burial. Sky burial for those of you who don’t know, is a tradition in Tibet in which you leave the dead people out [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Hanging Coffins   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail It is rather macabre when you see the images of coffins hanging from a rock face tangling like some sort of ghostly chandelier. The Bo people, an extinct ethnicity of China, did this with their dead. They were not content to bury their dead in the ground like most people, the Bo hammered wooden stakes [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: It’s Good to be Green   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail “It’s new, and it’s something that will gain in popularity over time.” -Stephen Olsen, Royal Oak Burial Park For those who are environmentalists in life and want to remain so even in death there is the strong growing trend of green funerals and green cemeteries. A natural burial refers to the natural decomposition of the body in [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: What Happens to your Facebook Account after Death?   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Give a trusted friend your Facebook password so they can manage your profile according to your wishes if something should happen to you. Have you had a friend on your Facebook who has died? Have you thought about what happens to a person’s Facebook profile when they die? Originally nothing would happen to that profile [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Instant Messaging to Heaven?   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Imagine being at a funeral and all of a sudden a phone starts ringing. From inside the coffin! Call it a sign of the times, but it is a growing trend to be buried with your cell phone or with your favorite tech device. It seems to be a trend with those under the age [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: The Stages of Grief   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail “Death is not feared, but is understood to be a part of life, followed by birth and renewal.” Carol P. Christ Most people know the five stages of grief, otherwise known as the “Kubler-Ross Model”. The five stages include: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Traditionally applied to people going through a terminal illness, this [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: As Ashes Flow Through The Hourglass…   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail So now the quote, “All the best sands of my life are somehow getting into the wrong end of the hourglass no longer rings true. Instead of a noisy egg timer letting you know it’s time to take the food out of the oven, have a loved one tell you, even if they are dead. [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Solar Cremation   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail The world’s first solar crematorium opened in Gujarat, India. The idea of using the giant ball of fire to burn things has come to people in the past, but using a magnifying glass to burn ants just isn’t the same. The crematorium uses special reflectors ┬áto heat the cremation chamber to very high temperatures. The [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Canine Star of the Big Screen   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Rin Tin Tin is recognized as one of the most famous German Shepherds in history. He was just five days old when he was found in a bombed-out dog kennel in Lorraine, France during the first World War. An American named Lee Duncan found the pup in September of 1918 and named him after a [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Curtains   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Curtains is a book by Tom Jokinen published by Random House. The book is Jokinen’s adventure through undertaker training as he questions the way the death industry has been handling deaths. Filled with information from neat facts, like purple lipstick looks best on a dead man, to the disrespectful fact that some funeral directors have [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: A Good Death   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail While many see life and death as separated by a clear line that is either crossed or not, a transition is clearly present for those in palliative care. Palliative care is the special care given to a person whose disease has been diagnosed as terminal. Palliative care does not speed up death nor does it [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Say Goodbye to the Days of Slice and Dice   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A virtual autopsy is a new method of performing human autopsies. It was developed by scientists in Sweden and allows doctors and forensic experts to examine murder victims without even touching them. The virtual autopsy keeps a permanent record of bruises and wounds long after flesh has decayed. A virtual autopsy can see things that [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Tragic Movie Set Deaths   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail There have been some major accidents on movie sets. Some of them make impressive stories, but overall the deaths are very tragic and usually the movie becomes dedicated to them. Some instances of movie set deaths are below. Top Gun : Aerobatic pilot Art Scholl was in the middle of a spin when he crashed his plane [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Want to Find Out When You’ll Die?   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Natural curiosity compelled Pandora and it will probably compel people to take the test too. A new DNA test that has been developed by European researchers is possibly bringing in a new medical era, but is also opening up an ethical Pandora’s box. This blood test shows how fast somebody is aging, and offers the [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Neanderthal Burial Ground Discovered   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A burial ground discovered in southeast Spain is believed to be a Neanderthal cemetery from 50 000 years ago. The skeletons were found in burial poses, with their arms folded close to their head. At least three bodies were found in the cemetery, with another six or seven sets of remains nearby. “We cannot say [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Choosing a Burial Plot Before You Need It   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Pick the perfect spot for your eternal rest by choosing it before you need it. To have a burial, you need a burial plot. While this can be arranged through the funeral home at the time of death, it can also be done by yourself well ahead of time. It may be cheaper to do [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: When You’ve Got a Friend in Need   8 years ago · View

    Thumbnail When a friend loses someone they love, a friend’s support, not opinions, is the best remedy. A person who is grieving the loss of a loved one is a friend in need of your caring and understanding. A very important thing to do to help a friend who is grieving over a loss is to [...]

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