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  • MSO wrote a new blog post: The Green Burial Council   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail The Green Burial Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the death care industry by helping make it greener. The GBC takes steps to help inform consumers of alternative options available in the death care industry to reduce your impact on the environment and give you a green funeral . It also takes into account the [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Tuesdays with Morrie   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is published by Broadway. The book tells the story of Mitch Albom, who’s just reconnected with his old mentor, and college professor Morrie Schwartz. This happens in the last months of Schwartz’s life, as they rekindle their regular Tuesday meetings and Schwartz helps to teach Albom about life, and [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Ashes Encased in Glass   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail What if you want to keep a loved one’s ashes, but want them preserved in a beautiful, artistic way? The company Memory Glass can preserve cremated ashes and display them tastefully. Memory Glass uses special coloring and solid glass globes to keep the ashes suspended in a unique design – this process means that no [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: The Cremation Process   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Cremation is a process that reduces dead bodies to non-volatile ashes that contain none of the health risks that a corpse would pose. It is an alternative to traditional burial that is gaining steadily in popularity in many nations. The National Funeral Directors Association cremation facts page estimates that cremation will account for 59% of [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: 10 Resources to Help Pay for a Funeral   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail There are many organizations that can help defray the costs of a funeral. 1. THE DECEASED’S OWN RESOURCES Consult the deceased’s bank and important paperwork to discover if any provisions have been made for funeral expenses. Is there an insurance policy available? Is there a savings account with a named beneficiary or some other Payable [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Death of the King of Pop   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail People around the world were shocked when they heard about Michael Jackson’s unexpected death on June 25th 2009. Lost due to cardiac arrest from an accidental prescription drug overdose, the wave of grief that consumed the world was astounding. Jackson’s concert organizer, AEG Live, held a memorial service for Jackson that took place on July [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Who Wants to Live Forever…   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Freddie Mercury was a British musician best known for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals. Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara, on September 5, 1946, in Zanzibar. Mercury spent the majority of his childhood in India and began taking piano lessons at the age of seven. In 1954, Mercury went to a British-style boarding school [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Death by Cactus   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail The saguaro is a type of cactus that starts out minuscule but can grow to sizes above 60 feet (18 metres). Cactus-plugger is a term for people who go into the desert to illegally shoot at or explode cacti for fun, especially saguaro. The tragic meeting of these two forces was realized when a man [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: This Ant Can Kill   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Fire alarms may now have two meanings, thanks to fire ants. The ants, which look similar to regular ants are far more aggressive and are the only ants capable of stinging. With this ant comes a disturbing statistic, one that Janet Wallace Roedl Shiansky found out about the hard way. The 68-year-old South Carolina woman [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Death by Polar Bear   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail They’re cuddly, adorable, the mascot of the Coca-cola corporation, and they’re deadly. Polar bears are not responsible for many human deaths, but they will kill intruders, when provoked, or even when their food supply is low. Conrado Mones was killed by a polar bear on September 27, 1982 after climbing in with the animal at [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: London Beer Flood   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Beer is, as Homer Simpson once famously said, “The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems” but it was all problem in London when a large beer vat ruptured and caused a cascading and catastrophic flood. The flood occurred at the Meux and Company Brewery on Tottenham Court Road and caused more than [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Burial Shrouds   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A deceased person, being wrapped in an expansive shroud. A shroud refers to an item, usually a cloth, that covers or protects an object. The primary use of the term is for burial shrouds which is a cloth that is wound around the body prior to burial and used in several cultures, primarily Islam and [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Suicide Trees   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail The Aokigahara forest is believed by many people to be a haunted. The forest has an eerie feeling to it, and is thought to be cursed as sits above underground iron deposits that cause compasses to fail. Authorities say that over 70 people commit suicide each year in the forest. The popularity of this suicide [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Go Out With A Bang   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A celebration is not the same without a fireworks display. Now you can celebrate life and go out with a bang by having your cremated remains placed inside fireworks shells. Companies devoted to this are starting to gain ground and have been featured on television. The companies who provide this service pack the ashes into [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Flowers for Sympathy   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Traditional funeral flower arrangements called for flowers in the colors of red and white (and occasionally blue) only. Today all colors of flowers are chosen. Many enjoy flowers for their aesthetic qualities, but few know the imbued meaning that comes with a certain flower. This deep meaning can play a significant factor when picking out [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Butterflies: Harbingers of Death   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Although many cultures believe the butterfly is a symbol of death, it can also be a symbol of change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, young love and the soul. Although they are bright, beautiful, and can be seen fluttering from flower to flower, the butterfly is a symbol of death. There are numerous types of butterflies and [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: As the Crow Flies   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail The crow is a member of the corvid family which includes ravens, magpies and blue jays. These birds are highly intelligent and have a complex language. Crows are mischievous buggers that like to steal shiny items and are suspicious and shy. Some crows live in flocks called murders and musters. The Celts believed that crows [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Eternal Rest With the Fishes   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail From the depths – life! For people who thought that making something of oneself is not quite literal enough of a pursuit, there are certain companies that will help you find new and creative ways to give yourself back to the world in an environmentally helpful matter. One of these companies is Eternal Reefs, which [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Bewitched   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Witches are known to be practitioners of witchcraft and generally are skilled in sorcery and the magical arts. The word witch comes from the Middle English word witches which is also derived from the old English terms known as Wicca, Wicce and Wiccian, which means to work sorcery, bewitch. Throughout the most part of history [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Preparing for Death   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail In the Catholic religion, the Last Rites are more commonly referred to as the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, or Extreme Unction. While currently used more often with those on their deathbed, the rite can be used to treat any major illness. To use the rite, confession must first take place, which is [...]

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