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  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Discussing Death with Family   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Let your family know how you want your life celebrated while you are alive and well to avoid misunderstandings after your are gone. Talking about death, it’s a subject and discussion, which many people tend to avoid. It’s not because it isn’t something that is important to talk about. In fact, pre-arranging and planning one’s [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: We Are Caregivers For Life – A Poem by   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Acknowledging the compassionate caregiving that funeral professionals provide to their families. Funeral professionals are very often the unsung heroes who act as a guiding light, helping families through the darkest of times when a death occurs. Few of us realize the positive impact that they provide until we are guided through a loss by a [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Why We Use Candlelight at Funerals   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Candles light the way for the body of President John. F. Kennedy as he lies in repose in the East Room of the White House. Candles and other types of lights have been used for thousands of years and have been associated with funerals for almost as long. Almost every culture, race and religion has [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Cremations for Pet Companions   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Pets are companions and to many people are no less important than the humans in your life especially when it comes to choosing how to celebrate their memories. For many pet owners, the loss of a pet is the equivalent to the loss of human companion. When it comes to owning pets a degree of [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Personalizing Funeral Stationery   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Funeral stationery can provide a lasting remembrance of a loved one. It’s no secret that funeral arrangements are a lot of work. They require planning, organizing, filling out paperwork, contacting family members and friends, and making last minute arrangements to be carried out within three days. But one of the most important aspects of a [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Legend of the Bottle Tree   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A modern bottle tree with a photo taken in Mississippi in the 1930s. Now it is the time of night That the graves, all gaping wide, Every one lets forth his sprite In the church-way paths to glide. William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream If you believe that haints, or spirits or other ghostly apparitions come [...]

  • Thumbnail For 28 years Bethany Beach has mourned the end of ‘Summer’ with a New Orleans’ style Jazz Funeral. Hundreds of mourners, dressed in black, funny costumes or at least black sunglasses sob as they trail behind a casket holding ‘Summer’. They carry flowers or twirl umbrellas as they follow the funeral procession along Bethany Beach, [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Personalizing Funerals with Sentimental Releases   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail In some Eastern cultures sky lanterns are released to help guide the spirits of their ancestors back to the grave. Personalized funerals are continuously growing to become an occasion of life celebrations, and what better way to memorialize the life lived than by customizing the sendoff celebration to reflect the passions and joys that the [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Vampire Graveyards a Common Occurrence in Eastern Europe   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Up until “Dracula”, starring Bela Lugosi was released in 1931, North Americans had little knowledge of vampires unlike their counterparts in Eastern European countries who had heard the legends for hundreds of years. For years, the notion of vampirism has long existed within many cultures. With the word appearing in French and German literature in [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: The Many Resting Places of the Red Baron   5 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Captain Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the “Red Baron” was shot down on April 21, 1918. Manfred von Richtofen, better known as the Red Baron was the ace-of-aces in World War I and was credited with 80 air combat victories. Flying his bright red Fokker triplane he was well known in the skies above [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Alternative Ways to Pay for a Funeral   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Insurance policies, Veterans’ Benefits, Social Security and more may be able to provide funding to pay for your funeral. In one average person’s lifetime there will be three major expenses made. The first is a vehicle; the second a house and the third will be a funeral. But while vehicles and houses are paid over [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Affordable Space Memorials the Way of the Future   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Elysium Space will be offering its first memorial spaceflight in 2014. “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” – Sarah Williams, English Poet Since the dawn of humankind, space has long fascinated humankind. From Nicolaus Copernicus to Gene Roddenberry, from Galileo Galilei to Stephen Hawking, from Isaac Newton to Walt [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Obon Festival in Japan Remembers Ancestors   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Toro Nagashi are floating lanterns that people use to send off their ancestors. The tradition involves lighting a candle in the lantern and floating it down the river, toward the ocean. In Japanese Buddhist tradition, people believe their ancestors’ souls come back to their homes and reunite with their family during Obon. In most regions [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Russia’s Hauntingly Mystifying City of the Dead   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail  The oldest crypts date back to the 16th century. Each family has its own tomb, the taller the tomb, the larger number of family members resting within. Making the journey requires a three-hour trek along serpentine roads winding through several hills. It is a place that is shrouded deep in myth and legend, but is [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Banking your Memories with DNA Memorial Keepsakes   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Just as DNA is a blueprint containing all the information about a person, by banking DNA you are further immortalizing your loved ones and maintaining a DNA record of your family tree, which can help verify a family’s predisposition to inherited medical conditions. “Families are built on tradition, but it is their DNA that truly makes [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Arranging For My Mother’s Funeral and Burial – By Rabbi John Rosove   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Don’t leave funeral and burial details to the ones we love instead plan ahead to ease the grief of your loved ones. My mother, now 96, is in rapidly failing health. Always a model of vitality, it has been difficult for me to imagine the world without her. Yet, as she becomes increasingly frailer, my [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Hearses are Constantly Changing Through the Ages   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Hearses are some of the most interesting vehicles around because of their custom designs and handcrafted details. Transporting a casket to and from a funeral can be done in more ways than just the traditional hearse. Over the years, funeral transportation has evolved and expanded to a variety of vehicles, each one used as a [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: Calling a Truce on Family Feuds During Funerals   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail In order to avoid family feuds, you should ensure your funeral arrangements are made with a funeral home or documented and shared with your family Family disputes happen. Each one of us has our own view and our own opinions on matters, but sometimes our differences can extend beyond the realms of civility. Perhaps you’ve [...]

  • MSO wrote a new blog post: MemryStone – Giving More Meaning to Cremation   5 years, 2 months ago · View


    MemryStone lets you add a heartfelt message on ceramic that travels with your loved one through the entire cremation process. After cremation, the MemryStone becomes a tangible remembrance of the person.  A funeral director in Massachusetts now offers a unique product to help survivors feel more connected and confident in the act of cremation. William [...]
  • MSO wrote a new blog post: The Pros and Cons of Pet Cremation and Burial   5 years, 2 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Grave markers in San Francisco, California’s pet cemetery date back to the 1950’s, when the Presidio base was home to approximately 2,000 army families. While there are many options for arranging a funeral sendoff that memorializes and commemorates a life lived, pet funerals are increasingly growing more popular as pets are being recognized more as [...]

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