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    Sandra Ilene West lived a luxurious life in Beverly Hills. Many people consider her as a Paris Hilton of the 1970s. Her husband was a successful businessman in the oil business, and, when he passed he left her a generous inheritance. Sandra’s idea of fun was driving fast, and so she bought a couple of [...]
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    Thumbnail When Houston, Texas comes to mind one may think of the Astrodome or perhaps NASA and the Johnson Space Center but few people know that Houston is also the home of the National Museum of Funeral History (NMFH). Located in the heart of the Lone Star state, the NMFH is the most prominent funeral home [...]

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    Thumbnail Motorcycle Funerals Ltd.’s Suzuki Hayabusa hearses provide the Ultimate Send Off for the Ultimate British Racing Rider. While not particularly useful in any practical situation, or even possible in an actual procession, testing the top speed of a hearse is something that just seems fun. Coach-built hearses are modelled after massive luxury cars (Cadillacs, Lincolns, [...]

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    @kirk_kilpatrick I think he should! Although his ego might prevent the rocket from taking taking orbit. I do think he would enjoy reading this, though.

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    As a matter of fact Luke, I have. Great question. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I think you would too. I also enjoy hummus.

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    Thumbnail When someone has requested something special for their final wishes, the family will usually deliver and fulfill the departed’s desires. The family of Jerome Miller is no different. Jerome Miller always wanted to go out in style. The life-long drag racer’s final wish was that he could go down the drag strip one last time… [...]

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    Thumbnail Everyone has done it – made up an excuse to skip out on a day of work. While some people will keep it simple and avoid extreme excuses, others will pull out all the stops when it comes to fooling their boss with a game of hooky. As was the case with Scott Bennett, a [...]