How Can Help You is the ultimate way to plan for something that is guaranteed to be in your future, your funeral "life celebration." Don´t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Think about it for a moment: You plan everything in your life from what you are going to do each evening, or on the weekends and vacations. Few of us leave anything to chance.

But why is it that most of us leave the organization of our funerals, the one day our family and friends get together one last to time celebrate our life lived to others to plan in their time of immense grief and mourning?

Ignoring something as important as your life celebration isn´t a very compassionate final way to leave your family and friends sitting around wondering what they should do to celebrate your life. Leaving major decisions surrounding your final wishes up in the air doesn´t make any sense especially since most of us already have planned ahead for the end of our lives buying life insurance and paying to have a professional organize our financial wills.

Well, congratulations on thinking ahead, as by visiting you have now taken the first step to creating your own personalized sendoff leaving a legacy of good memories and not funeral frustrations for your family and friends.

If you want a traditional religious funeral with burial, that is your choice to make. If you want a more personalized "life celebration" with your favorite music, pictures, home videos and even a theme that celebrated who you were and what you meant to others, then that can be your choice as well, but you need to let your family and friends know your wishes. is easy to use and you can change your sendoff wishes any time you want. You simply register for free, include the email addresses for your six trusted family and friends (that we call cyber pall bearers) that you want to receive your sendoff instructions and we will forward your personal wishes to them.

Start your sendoff today so your family and friends will know what is important to you, including planning ahead for them. At, we hope you stick around a long long time.

A quick overview of!

Your personalized sendoff in five easy steps:

Step One. You already did it by visiting

Step Two. Register with, it is free.

Step Three. Follow our final wishes list and complete your own personal sendoff instructions.

Step Four. Select six close family members and friends as your Cyber Pall Bearers who will carry out your final sendoff wishes and will email your final wishes to them.

Step Five. Relax in the knowledge that your life will be celebrated as you want and that your family and friends will have the burden of organizing your funeral sendoff removed from them.

Pretty simple process.

Thanks for looking ahead and using the resources of We really hope that you stick around a long, long time.

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